Saturday, August 01, 2009

Saturday night

Almost finished scrubbing the living room floor, tile by tile. (Yet another item on the to-do list.) It needed it badly, ever since the flooding, and the floor got tracked up with clumping cat litter. (Tonight I was unclumping it from the tiles.) I want the place to be clean before I go on vacation in five weeks. I also moved some stuff to the storage locker (mostly stuff to be taken to Goodwill which had been sitting in bags behind the couch since I cleaned out the bedroom) and also threw out some stuff, including a satellite dish that had been taking up room in the storage locker, and the satellite receivers and their boxes that had been sitting in the bedroom closet for years.

I have one more swath of floor to clean and then I'm done. Taking a rest. Getting a lot of exercise.

[Later] Done. Now I just have to let that dry and then move the furniture back into place.

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