Friday, August 28, 2009

Contact Bill Nelson

Here. I wrote this (but see here too).

Dear Sen. Nelson:

According to a recent article in The New York Times, "the United States had the most expensive health care in the world, yet was in last place among industrialized countries in preventing deaths through timely and effective medical care." Meanwhile, average premiums paid to large U.S. health-insurance companies have increased 87% since 2002; the profits of the top ten insurance companies have increased 428%; and the chances that an American bankrupted by medical bills has health insurance are 7 in 10 (Harper's Magazine).

As one of your constituents, I strongly urge you to vote for health care legislation that includes a strong "public option" -- an "option of good conscience" -- to help put a brake on the excesses of the health insurance companies. It's bad enough that medical costs themselves are spiraling out of control (but are also being addressed in the legislation).

I really don't think an "incremental approach" is affordable, either in monetary terms or in terms of our nation's health. We need strong legislation at this critical time.

Thank you for your attention and for the work you do for Florida.


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