Sunday, August 16, 2009

Sunday night II

Watching "Design Star" now.

[Later] I think they kicked off the right person. Too bad, because he originally showed a lot of promise. He wanted to show off his furniture-building capabilities, which only bogged the whole project down. And the furniture wasn't that great--after all that. It looked OK but wasn't practical. The team could have bought something that would have worked better and not eaten up so much time for labor. Ultimately they needed the time for something else--to put a desk together, which didn't get put together. Plus, they totally screwed up the drapes. Overall, a lousy job by that team.

The other team did well, despite their squabbles over tan and brown and caramel.

Got a lot done today. Laundry, some cleaning, etc. Also made spaghetti sauce with chicken livers. Will take that to work tomorrow. That came out excellent.

No strange calls tonight from B.'s BF.

I have one toilet that was working fine last week, and now all of a sudden it's all screwed up. (I told you about the WD-40.) Tonight I replaced a rubber thing that goes over the hole in the bottom of the tank. At least the toilet works and is not wasting water. But it's not flushing right. I'm not going to worry about it until after my vacation.

So looking forward to my little vacation in Savannah next month. My neighbor across the hall will be looking after the cats. I emailed him to say I'd have his favorite liquor here if he'd like to come over and have a cocktail with the cats, since they'll be lonely. (Haven't heard back from him on that, though I know he enjoys a cocktail.)

I think it's good to have (at least) a yearly vacation, for mental health reasons. I read an essay in college by (I think) Bertrand Russell about the deleterious psychological effects of a lack of holidays. (I could try to look it up on the Internet right now but I'm TIRED.) The cats will have to fend for themselves without my company (but they'll have plenty of food, of course, and extra cat litter). I do hope my neighbor will take me up on my offer and spend some time with them.* But even if he doesn't, the cats will survive (I hope and trust). I'm mainly worried about Lucky. Bootsy has been through this before (vacations). Lucy went through it, also, but hated it. I hope Lucky will be OK. He's a tough cat.

P.S. There is some weird stuff going on with the water in the building tonight. A lot of noises, and now hardly any water pressure. I didn't do it!

*I would have asked B. to come over here and spend time with the cats (one of which belongs to him), but I wouldn't want the BF in here. I don't trust him at all.

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