Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Wednesday night

Back from gym and store.

I slept well last night without the cats in the bedroom. I'd also taken an extra melatonin right before bed.

The cell phone rang while I was taking a brief nap before heading out tonight. This is usually one of B.'s nights off and I'd feared he might be calling after some kind of boozy altercation with the BF (they frequently go to Flanigan's on Wednesdays and have been known to stay for hours). (I often see the car parked there (out front in the handicapped space) on my way home from work and later when I go to the gym.) Fortunately, the call turned out to be a wrong number. But I was up. I'm glad I wasn't really tired to begin with. From now on, I'll turn the cell phone off before I take a nap. (I would normally ignore it, but not since the mess two Sundays ago.)

The traffic coming home tonight wasn't as bad as it was yesterday, i.e., it took a shorter time to get through the one-lane bottleneck. I was home almost at my regular time. I guess (hope) some of the motorists have decided to take other routes north. Also, I was only 7 minutes late to work. I emailed TPTB about the construction project and my supervisor said it's OK to make up time at the end of the day, when it's usually busier anyway. (Ordinarily I get to work a little early.)

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