Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Wednesday night

Back from gym. The Ben Affleck double was there.

Today I had another chat with B.'s friend, the one he talks with every day. She said he's "blind" to the situation he's in and said she could only pray that he would exit the relationship safely. (She sounded extremely concerned.) I told her I'd given him the domestic abuse hotline number.

I can appreciate the fact that if the BF doesn't work (and B. works at night), they have a lot of time to spend together, which we didn't (although we were on the phone all day). So he gets more companionship. But his friend says the BF tries to keep B. away from his friends. (He certainly tries to keep him away from me, which in a sense is understandable.)

I know what it's like to be in an abusive relationship. You want to make it work and think things will get better. Neither B.'s friend nor I think that's a realistic prospect. (She's really on top of the situation, since she talks with B. daily.) I've thought all along that B.'s relationship with the BF would end badly and B.'s friend said as much (emphatically so).

Cooking fresh Kielbasa to take to work. I'll eat it with canned German potato salad. I buy "Read" brand. I think it's excellent. (All it has in it is potatoes, water, sugar, vinegar, bacon, modified corn starch, salt, onion, spice, natural flavor and parsley flakes.)

I just cut the Kielbasa up and mixed it in with the potato salad. It'll be quite tasty. (Added a little cider vinegar.)

Major triumph tonight. Fixed leaking toilet with WD-40. The thing in the tank that was supposed to rise and cut off the water wasn't rising. The WD-40 fixed that. Hallelujah. A cheap fix. Nite! (The WD-40 guy passed away recently. God bless him.)

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