Thursday, August 20, 2009

Thursday night

Almost TGIF. Whew. Two more weeks till my vacation. Meanwhile I'm taking care of my neighbor's cat across the hall for a few days while he's out of town. [I know there's lots wrong with that sentence.]

So Tom Ridge (former Homeland Security director) is saying (or implying) that the Bush administration was using the color-coded terrorist threat alert system for political purposes. I knew that!

Today I treated my supervisor to her birthday lunch (her birthday was last Friday and I'd given her an IOU on a free lunch). She had chicken quesadillas (excellent choice). She just turned 50.

Tonight I fried up some of those pork sirloin cutlets and will take to work. Came out great. I now always use a digital thermometer to test for doneness so I don't overcook meat. (Pork has to cook to 160 F., or well done.) My pork now turns out juicier than it used to. (It's still juicy at 160 F.) I think Leviticus also says you aren't supposed to eat pork, either. So should I be stoned in the public square or burned to death in a private family gathering?

One of my great-uncles was a pig farmer in Tampa and ended up selling his business to Lykes Bros. We stayed at the pig farm once when I was a kid. (He also had monkeys and maybe some other exotic animals.) My great-uncle cooked up pig slop every day for the pigs (smelled really good). It was made out of food waste (fresh daily) from restaurants in Tampa. The stuff was cooked for hours in an enormous vat and I'm sure was sanitary by the time it was done, at which point it was released into a long trough -- still steaming -- and the pigs all ran up to eat it, squealing with delight.

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