Monday, August 17, 2009

Monday night

Taking a break from the public option. Watching a new Anthony Bourdain (in Thailand). It's hilarious.

Lucky loves this rug. It's like a macro terry (gives you a foot massage). It's not new but washed and relocated to the bathroom adjoining the "computer room."

Now back to Rachel Maddow.

I just think the public option is a good idea. Insurance companies don't like people like me (even though I have good group coverage where I work). I have a chronic medical condition. The drugs for that condition alone (not including doctor's visits, lab work, other drugs and procedures, etc.) cost $27,000 a year. (I pay $90 a month in co-pays for those drugs alone.) And, for some mysterious reason, the price continues to rise. In January, the annualized cost was a mere $25,000 a year.*

If I found myself out of work, what would happen to me?

My father was in the insurance business. I think I know the mindset.

You can vote out your politicians if you don't like your public option. But you can't vote out the people running your insurance company, who are in the business solely to make money off you.

Why shouldn't everyone have a safety net like Medicare and Medicaid? All advanced (and some less advanced) societies have this. It's doable.

By the way, health industry stock prices soared today (in an otherwise bad market) on the news of Obama's perceived softening on the public option.

*The pricing of drugs in this country is a whole other story (and immoral).

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